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Hometown Memories

KYIV, UA - SEPTEMBER 26, 2017: Memory, memories, past, yesterday - film

If you don’t live in your hometown, or if you were to ever leave MidMo, what are some things that you’d likely miss? Are there any sneaky things, maybe you don’t think you’d miss them, but seeing them again would bring you back? In four minutes of the American Idol …

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Starburst, Skittles, and Lifesavers Recall

Assorted Gummy Candy

If you’ve picked up Starburst Gummies, Skittles Gummies, or Lifesavers Gummies at Breaktime in the last couple weeks and haven’t consumed them yet, DON’T! They’ve recalled ALL of the gummies due to the potential for a thin strand of metal being either in the candy or in the bag… how …

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Win Tickets to AJR on May 31st

AJR is Way Less Sad and headed to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on May 31st and Y107 has YOUR tickets with a Bang! via GIPHY Listen to Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show around 7:20 and Kristin in your afternoon around 2:45 to win! Or just skip to The Good Part …

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An Emotional Surprise Audition

Mr Zed talking to young contestants outside the Britain’s Got Talent auditions at the London Palladium theatre, Argyll Street, Oxford Circus, London

Here’s your 🚨Tissue Warning🚨 SO early in the blog, but trust me, you will cry. Nick Edwards is a 35 year old father, who had lost his confidence in singing over the years, and he stopped singing in public, but his biggest fans (his family) weren’t going to let him …

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Win Wiz Khalifa Tickets with Kristin

Wiz Khalifa has had a ton of great songs, but we hear “Black and Yellow” a lot around these parts… for obvious reasons! M-I-Z Z-O-U From singing along in Columbia, to singing along in person in St. Louis, YOU could see Wiz Khalifa at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on September …

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Lizzo is Pulling Double Duty!

Pop artist Lizzo in concert

Just announced, Lizzo will be both the host and the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend! She tweeted: I’m in NYC about to host & perform on SNL… This ain’t even bucket list… This is beyond my dreams. I’m shaking  PLUS she just dropped her brand new shapewear …

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Adele Went Undercover at an Adele Impersonator Contest


Can you disguise the one and only Adele? Well with some good prosthetics and makeup you can! BBC America disguised her so well, that other contestants didn’t realize it… until she started singing. At that point they couldn’t deny it, they’d been making conversation with their idol! The whole video …

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MGK got Roasted TO HIS FACE

10 NOVEMBER, 2015 : Colson Baker known as Machine Gun Kelly presents his new album General Admission in Yotaspace club

Jimmy Kimmel had Machine Gun Kelly go undercover as a reporter asking people on the street what they think about Machine Gun Kelly… and the answers were probably not what he wanted to hear! They covered his tattoos and gave him a wig to make him look like a whole …

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Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Trailer Released

TV Television feet up watching Netflix on tv

Yesterday, Netflix dropped the trailer for Ozark, season 4 part 2, and fans were legit MAD about it. A lot of people feel like it actually gives away spoilers for the end of the series! So basically, I’m saying, watch if you dare, but it might be a big spoiler …

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Kristin in the Afternoon’s Test Drive

Y107 Test Drive with Kristin in the Afternoon

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 5:15ish, Kristin will Test Drive a new song, and YOU have the ability to tell us whether you love it and think it should be played on the station, or if you hate it and don’t want to hear it! *Disclaimer: YouTube doesn’t always …

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Uber Adding a Gas Surcharge


With the cost of gas rising, so is everything else, including your Uber Eats delivery or your Uber driver service. Starting tomorrow, any food order placed with Uber Eats will see a surcharge added between 35 and 45 cents, depending on where you live. This surcharge is going directly to …

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The Kardashians are Back, This Time On Hulu

TV remote

If you’ve missed KUWTK, you had to know they weren’t going to be out of the camera light for long. They’ve lived so much of their lives in front of cameras, I’m surprised it took this long to come back with a new show, but this time it’s exclusive to …

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Fantastic Beasts 3- A NEW Trailer Just Dropped

The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at Night

‘Sup? It’s Kristin, your resident nerd. I know a lot of people don’t love the Fantastic Beasts movies that are Harry Potter fans, but c’mon, nothing was ever going to live up to that magic (pun intended) of watching Harry’s journey. I personally LOVE these movies, and partially because I …

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Doctor Strange 2 Trailer

Marvel Studios logo on mobile device.

The newest Dr. Strange Trailer dropped Sunday, and MAN is it exciting! We’ve been waiting for THIS Marvel movie since WandaVision made it pretty clear it was going to be a big one. The subtitle alone, the Multiverse of Madness, was pretty much a giant arrow to where the next …

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Man Plays Banjo for His Foxy Audience

Fox in the Road

Filed in the “Music is nature” category, Andy Thorn loves music and plays the banjo. He lives in gorgeous Bolder, CO, and recently decided to take his music outside during the sunset. He attracted an audience, but not who you’d think. A fox came trotting up at the sound of …

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