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Is Facebook Really Deleting Your Photos July 7

A week or so back it was announced that Facebook was going to do some housekeeping, and user photos were at risk of being deleted coming July 7th. Suddenly, panic and frustration erupted. However, there are some big things you need to know before jumping to drastic conclusions.

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Wickedly Good Movie News

This weekend it’s all about “Finding Dory” and ” Central Intelligence” making their way to the big screen. Combine that with “Conjuring 2”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Warcraft”, “Captain America”, and “Me Before You”, and you’ve really got quite a lot of great movie options. Heck, Dad will probably like a bunch of those. But that’s not the biggest movie …

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Macaroni & Cheese Cocktails?

When it comes to favorite foods, it’s hard to compete with pizza, unless it’s macaroni and cheese. Apparently some people are so obsessed with it however, that they’ve taken it to the next step, and I just don’t think I can support this.

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Trump Gets Burned on America’s Got Talent By A 13-Year Old

There’s been some fairly memorable AGT contestants this year, like the 82-yr-old rocking out to Drowning Pool, or Grace VanderWaal, the amazing girl who Simon labeled as the “Next Taylor Swift.” But that was soooo last week.  Check out this week’s buzzkid, 13-year-old Lori Mae Hernandez.

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Nick Jonas New Single Is Called What?

Nick Jonas keeps the hits coming off his forthcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated, dropping FRIDAY!!!  Close w/ Tove Lo is just killing it right now, but we’ve already learned the next single, and it’s called….

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