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Missouri Employers Now Hiring

Now Hiring Jobs Sign

As COVID-19 rapidly spreads across the country and Mid-Missouri, many businesses have had to make tough decisions. For some, that has meant lay-offs.  But not all are reducing the workforce.

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Y107 Is Sending Shout Outs To Your Teachers

Teacher in classroom as a girl is on a cell phone

Imagine one day you wake up, and you’re no longer able to see your kids, for you don’t know how long.  That’s how our teachers have it right now.  Thanks to COVID-19, the school year came to an abrupt pause this year. And with the Governor’s update yesterday, that’s how it’ll be the rest of the year. Our teachers love …

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What Are The Real COVID-19 Symptoms

young woman wearing medical facemask holds head in hands

The stay at home order is lifting on Monday. However, it won’t be business as usual, as new precautions will be taken. Many are worried of a resurgence of Coronavirus cases. So what are the real COVID-19 symptoms? I have to admit, I’ve googled this many times.  Especially with allergies setting in. Is it in my head? Do I need …

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Y107 Celebrates Mid-Mo’s Helpers

Mid-Mo Helpers sign

There’s a Mr. Rodger’s quote that has been going around lately:  When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping out.”

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Boonville Residents Shopping Local Receive Utility Credit

Boonville City logo

Shout out to the City of Boonville! As times have changed due to COVID-19, people and businesses are struggling. The city was trying to come up with ideas to help stimulate their community. They came up something that helps both, and we love it! They have decided to offer residents up to $60 is credit on their water and sewer …

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Local McDonald’s Offering FREE Drinks to Healthcare Workers

McDonald's in background with someone holding a drink

McDonald’s in Mid-Missouri and beyond are offering free beverages to healthcare workers to say ‘Thank You’! Many in our community are looking for ways to support healthcare workers during the coronavirus crisis. McDonald’s of Mid- Missouri is just one of the companies doing something to help. Now through the end of business on Thursday, April 30th, participating McDonald’s locations will …

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COVID-19 Relief Resources

Y107 Cares Relief resources with Coronavirus backdrop

Coronavirus has brought out many questions and concerns as the economy changes. Do you know where to go or what to do if you get laid off? What bills do you have to pay when the money gets tight? What kind of relief is there?  We hope the following serves as an easy go-to resource to help you through the …

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Beware Of Growing COVID-19 Scams

Coronavirus graphic with Scam Alert sign overlay to warn of stimulus scams

The bad news of COVID-19 continues to hit every day. While we try to stay on the positive side of things, there’s occasionally bad stories we have to share, like these Stimulus Scams.

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COVID-19: A Responsible Understanding

Man freaking out about Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has moved from a headline, to a reality, to hysteria, to the surreal is DAYS! Precaution is being seen as PANIC, and then there’s the oversensationalism, causing hysteria.

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Help Get Local KC fan Dustin To Miami

KC superfan Dustin cheering on his team

So about the small football game in Miami a week from Sunday. You know the one, where the Kansas City team is taking on the San Francisco team. Well, there’s a man named Dustin in Versailles who is everything but a “little” fan of our KC team. In fact to say he’s a big fan is also an understatement. His …

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Selena Gomez Inspired Billie’s “Bad Guy”

Jimmy Fallon interviews Selena Gomez on the Tonight Show January 14th, 2020

Selena Gomez made a graceful return to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the other night.  Frankly, after the “Hot Ones” challenge last time, I’m surprised she even dared to return. (Apparently that challenge got worse off camera. See video below.) The interview was fantastic. She looked amazing and sounded so much more mature and grown-up. They talked about the …

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Jennifer Aniston Gives a Friends Reunion Update on Ellen

Charlie Puth with Jennifer Aniston on Ellen

Jennifer Aniston appeared on Ellen on what has become an awkwardly memorable show.  Pick your moment. Like, The One Where She And Ellen Kissed or The One Where Charlie Puth Called Jennifer His Girlfriend. Then there’s our personal favorite, The One Where She Updates Us On a FRIENDS Reunion. Soooo to say Charlie Puth is a Friends fan would be an understatement.  He admitted …

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Why “Tiny Desk” Is A Must Watch

Taylor Swift Performs for NPR tiny desk series

Big news this week as Taylor Swift announced she’d be featured on NPR’s “Tiny Desk” series. Unfortunately, that left many people also asking, “What is NPR’s ‘Tiny Desk’?”  If you didn’t know about it before, here’s WHY you need to keep it on your radar.  And this isn’t just because of Taylor Swift btw. This is one of my favorite …

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Jonas Brothers Beer? It’s About To Be A Thing

Jonas Brothers at the VMAs 2019

The Jonas Brothers are feeling on top of the world. So much so, they’ve decided to put their faces on the side of a mountain. Just check the label of Limited Edition Coors Light bottles come November.  The brothers have been big fans of the brew for quite some time. Not only did they feature the beer in their Only …

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Goat Head-Butts Girl Taking a Selfie [VIDEO]

Goat with a silly smile

When will people learn taking selfies with wild animals usually doesn’t end well.  Unfortunately, this girl did not listen to that advice and is now in a world of hurt.  The video has been going around of this girl who sees an adorable goat, and decides it’s a great selfie opportunity. I mean, of COURSE it is. Who doesn’t find …

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Jimmy Fallon Burns Taylor Swift TWICE!!!

Taylor Swift Jimmy Fallon and a banana

Taylor Swift has been floating high lately. Her lastest album, Lover,  has hit record sales numbers, the vinyl for it JUST dropped, she’s got a major tour coming, the singles are slaying, and she’s appearing on SNL this Saturday. With all that, there was NO WAY Jimmy Fallon would miss out on the chance to book her on the show.  But …

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