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Too Close To Home – Carson’s September 11 Memory

I couldn’t wait for that week in September. I had a radio conference coming up in New York City. 3 days of clubs, and bands, and conferences in one of the nation’s biggest and coolest cities. Bring it on! Just one more day of work.  I remember my mom woke me up from a dead slumber, around 7:50a. I was …

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Back to School Is “Poppin” in Georgia

Jack Harlow in between pictures of teachers who covered what's poppin

Back to school this year is more difficult than ever before. Between COVID-19, capacity rules, and the whole online learning thing, there are way more challenges. And that is adding to huge stress levels for teachers, students, and parents alike. Enter Miss Evans and Miss Williams. How cool would it be if your new teacher was not only an overnight …

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2021 WILL Be Music’s Best Year EVER

Concert with Best Year Ever displayed

There’s no denying 2020 has been a buzzkill for the music industry. For artists, venues, and promoters, that’s not even a strong enough statement. However, next year will more than make up for it. And we’re getting some proof to back that claim.

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Show-Me State Games Canceled This Summer

We received word today that the Show-Me State Games, previously announced to continue as scheduled, have now been cancelled. “While we are disappointed that we won’t be able to host our sporting events, we believe we are upholding our mission by putting our participants and the community’s health first.” ~Press Release from Dave Fox, Show-Me State Games Executive Director According …

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Missouri To Be Spared the Heatwave of 2020?

Woman suffering from a summer heatwave

May was HOT! But according to scientists, that’s only the beginning for what is going to be a hotter than average summer for MOST of the US. We say MOST, because it’s for everyone that does not live in…  Missouri.

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Show-Me State Games to Hold Most Events as Scheduled

As we start to see a return to the familiar, “the light at the end of the tunnel” gets brighter with news from the Show-Me State Games.  They’ve announced that MOST of this year’s events will be held as originally scheduled. However, not ALL events, as some will be rescheduled, modified, or cancelled for 2020. All decisions are based on …

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Ever Thought About Being On Y107?

At Y107, there’s a ton of things we LOVE! We love our community. We love you, our listeners. We love the music! We love social media. We love culture. And, we LOVE having fun!  But, there’s too few of us in the building, and we would LOVE to add some fresh voices to the mix. If you’ve ever thought about …

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Y107 Is Sending Shout Outs To Your Teachers

Teacher in classroom as a girl is on a cell phone

Imagine one day you wake up, and you’re no longer able to see your kids, for you don’t know how long.  That’s how our teachers have it right now.  Thanks to COVID-19, the school year came to an abrupt pause this year. And with the Governor’s update yesterday, that’s how it’ll be the rest of the year. Our teachers love …

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What Are The Real COVID-19 Symptoms

young woman wearing medical facemask holds head in hands

The stay at home order is lifting on Monday. However, it won’t be business as usual, as new precautions will be taken. Many are worried of a resurgence of Coronavirus cases. So what are the real COVID-19 symptoms? I have to admit, I’ve googled this many times.  Especially with allergies setting in. Is it in my head? Do I need …

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Y107 Celebrates Mid-Mo’s Helpers

Mid-Mo Helpers sign

There’s a Mr. Rodger’s quote that has been going around lately:  When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping out.”

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Boonville Residents Shopping Local Receive Utility Credit

Boonville City logo

Shout out to the City of Boonville! As times have changed due to COVID-19, people and businesses are struggling. The city was trying to come up with ideas to help stimulate their community. They came up something that helps both, and we love it! They have decided to offer residents up to $60 is credit on their water and sewer …

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Local McDonald’s Offering FREE Drinks to Healthcare Workers

McDonald's in background with someone holding a drink

McDonald’s in Mid-Missouri and beyond are offering free beverages to healthcare workers to say ‘Thank You’! Many in our community are looking for ways to support healthcare workers during the coronavirus crisis. McDonald’s of Mid- Missouri is just one of the companies doing something to help. Now through the end of business on Thursday, April 30th, participating McDonald’s locations will …

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COVID-19 Relief Resources

Y107 Cares Relief resources with Coronavirus backdrop

Coronavirus has brought out many questions and concerns as the economy changes. Do you know where to go or what to do if you get laid off? What bills do you have to pay when the money gets tight? What kind of relief is there?  We hope the following serves as an easy go-to resource to help you through the …

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Beware Of Growing COVID-19 Scams

Coronavirus graphic with Scam Alert sign overlay to warn of stimulus scams

The bad news of COVID-19 continues to hit every day. While we try to stay on the positive side of things, there’s occasionally bad stories we have to share, like these Stimulus Scams.

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COVID-19: A Responsible Understanding

Man freaking out about Coronavirus

Coronavirus, or COVID-19 has moved from a headline, to a reality, to hysteria, to the surreal is DAYS! Precaution is being seen as PANIC, and then there’s the oversensationalism, causing hysteria.

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