New Bumblebee trailer or is this The Shape of Water 2
Youtube/Paramount Pictures

Bumblebee Or The Shape Of Water 2?

If you have yet to hear, your favorite Autobot Bumblebee has a standalone movie! Hailee Steinfeld stars as the main character and discount Dwayne Johnson AKA John Cena also has a major role. As a huge fan of Transformers this is exciting!

However, after the first three movies they have taken a major hit in quality. But this one is all about Bumblebee, so it must be good! There is already a lot of talk about the trailer… more specifically a certain scene.

A shot of Steinfeld and Bumblebee in the water looking at each other seems like its ripped right out of the movie A Shape Of Water! Check the trailer out and come up with your own conclusion! 


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