Dean Drobot, Valua Vitaly


Single this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry you can still celebrate it with your best friends… I know what you’re thinking why would I get my best friend a gift on Valentine’s Day? Well for all of the “Bros” out there you can get your friends a special Bouquet this year. Ladies for those of you who are taken you can get this for your man as well; it’s called the “Broquets”. They are as awesome as the name sounds. The company called Say It With Beef has created a Bouquet of flowers made with beef jerky.

Ladies the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him right? I mean this is the manliest substitute for flowers that you can get. Women can get this for their man and friends can get this for each other it’s just a universally accepted gift. A broquet will only set you back around $35, and is made of beef jerky that can be shaped to look like roses or daisies.

They also come in different flavors, including peppered, teriyaki or mixed and come with either a pint glass or beer mug to display them in, inside of the traditional vase.


Buy your Broquet today!! 

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