Britney Spears Becoming A Rap Star?

Has Britney Spears changed her tune?  It sure sounds like she’s getting a music makeover.

Last week, she stirred a ton of excitement, going on Ellen to “announce an announcement“, creating hysteria in Vegas as fans lined up in droves for the tease reveal. Once she finally did show up, she walked the red carpet, signed an autograph, and drove off. No words. Seriously girl? No album news?

It was so ridiculous, we HAD to mock it. 

About that Brit announcement…

Posted by Y107 on Friday, October 19, 2018

Britney Back to Vegas

In the end, it was projected on the building that she had a new Vegas residency coming, as her previous one recently ended. This shocked NO ONE as not only was it speculated and leaked earlier that day, but it was on the banners on the side of the red carpet, so all the fans already knew (as did keen-eyed online viewers, as the banner was skimmed over during the half-hour-long live feed). 

What we learned that night was the “Domination” residency at the MGM Park would begin in February, with tickets going on sale immediately. What we learned soon after was a big question we were wondering: How will this be different from “Piece of Me”? The answer has our heads spinning: THIS will be a hip-hop inspired show.


So she’s remixing all her songs to a new beat? Or will she be rapping?  Because she’s done it before. 

Wait, WHAT?

Back in 2003, she flirted with rap, as she was putting together her 4th album “In the Zone”. The song wouldn’t make the album for, well, obvious reasons. 1) The song is very different from the rest of the album. And 2) Britney shouldn’t rap!

So if THIS is what we are to expect from “Domination”, count me out.


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