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Beer company uses DNA for perfect brew

Brewery Uses DNA To Craft The Perfect Beer

Beer going together with science might sound weird at first but when you think about it, they really do go hand in hand. A lot of science and thought go into making different kinds of brews. This is Especially true for Meantime Brewing Company, located in Greenwich, England.

The brewery is offering customers the chance to sample beers made specifically for them using their own DNA. The Brewery talked about their partner for the project, 23andME who assesses variations in a gene known as TAS2R38. This Gene is responsible for oral taste receptors.  

Meantime Brewing Co. then uses the data, which includes the person’s preference for bitter and sweet flavors to their advantage. Making a custom brew that is perfect for you! The service is not cheap, as this will set you back $31,285 and the price only increases from there.    

Extras including pint glasses molded to the shape of your hand and a custom designed label for the personalized beer only up the charges. Would you spend this much to have the perfect beer? Let us know in the comments below!


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