About That Whole Heart Emoji Facebook Post Thing

Oh the fun we have on Facebook. Ever been asked to change your profile picture for a cause, or to post something random, but to do it in secret?  Of course you have… and it’s on again today. If you’ve been seeing that heart emoji post from a bunch of your friends, here’s the deal. Women are being sent the message to post the heart on their wall, without comment, and tell all their girls to do the same. Then, they’re supposed to post the heart on the wall of whomever sent it to them. The idea is your wall gets flooded with hearts to remind other women about Breast Cancer Prevention Week.

But here’s the problem. Actually two problems. First is that when peeps ask about the hearts, you’re not supposed to tell them. Well, I guess if they’re women you privately can (but they should’ve received your message anyway, right?)  But if you don’t tell anyone, what good does it do for “spreading the word”?  

Secondly, “Breast Cancer Prevention Week” doesn’t exist as far as we can tell. Breast Cancer Awareness (let alone prevention) gets a whole MONTH every October. This is just another one of those ridiculous new wave chain letter things, and now all you’ve done is annoyed people.  Nice, huh? 

We get the idea of taking action to create a viral message for a great cause.  But to just slack and simply post something without saying why, what action are you really taking?

So yes, support Breast Cancer Prevention. It’s a great cause. We encourage you to support one of these organizations, or at least share info on these with your heart emoji. 

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