A Black Bear on a Hill with mountains in the background

This Black Bear Decided It Was HIS Turn for the Jacuzzi

Can you imagine ANYTHING better than sitting in a warm hot tub on the porch, early in the morning when it’s still a little cool outside, watching the sun rise over the mountain tops while on vacation? It’s pretty much pure bliss.

Well, that’s what this black bear thought, too. The guy staying in the house films the whole event, watching the black bear walking balance beam style on the railing of the porch, before dropping down, checking out how nice and warm the jacuzzi water is, and climbing right in.

When the guy filming opens the back door to get a better view of the bear, it splashes some water at him in a very clear “GO AWAY” motion. I’d say the same thing if you were trying to record my blissful morning moment!

Check out the video here:

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