BirdBox Alt Ending Is a Bit Darker

Are you one of the 45mil and counting who have experienced the Birdbox phenomenon on Netflix? Most of us at the station have, and all have many of the same questions you do when it comes to the end. 


Let’s just say it caught us a bit off guard and made us wonder what the future held, both short and long term. Purposely being very vague here.  What I didn’t realize was the movie was based off a book, and the book has a bit of a different ending.




So the Birdbox book ends with all the survivors purposely blinding themselves. WHAT!?! The director didn’t want the audience left with that outcome, so the movie was altered. However, I can’t be the only one to think this makes a bit more sense. Right?

BTW, apparently in another take the “entity” was revealed, in a “nightmare sequence”.  However, the scene was cut because they realized the audience wouldn’t stop laughing. Laughing? Really? 

Really! Because the entity apparently looked like a “long, fat baby“. Yup. They realized how bad it was and then joked they should sell the idea to SNL. It kinda makes sense though as she was terrified of having a child in the first place.

Which Birdbox ending would you rather have?

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