Picture of two people on a date blindfolded.
shutterstock/ Kaspars Grinvalds

Bird Box Themed Dinner! But There Is A Catch.

I am not embarrassed to admit that I am obsessed with the movie Bird Box. The movie that took over millions of peoples TVs in December. One New York restaurant wants you to be able to experience the movie in real life.

The Milleridge Inn is offering a bird box themed dinner. Those that attend will be paying $48 for a three-course meal to be consumed completely blindfolded. BUT hold on! That’s not all. You will also not be allowed to TALK! Why? Because they want you to enjoy the sound of birds chirping and water. Ummm, ok.

Am I the only one who has like one hundred questions? Like how do you know your purse is safe? Or how do you know that your dinner is fully cooked if you can’t see it? It’s definitely a risk you will be taking for a fun dinner. 


Would you eat a dinner that someone else made if you can’t see the food? 

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