Justin Bieber faced jail time in Rio
Debby Wong/ shutterstock

Justin Bieber Faced Jail Time For Graffiti Case In Brazil

It’s been about four years after Bieber was charged with defacing a building in Rio de Janeiro and faced jail time. He has finally settled the case. The charges and case closed after Justin paid a $6,000 fine. According to BBC, the money went to a cancer hospital in Rio. Back in 2013, Justin who at the time was 19 spray painted a tag on an abandoned hotel.

A photographer caught him in the act and of course, it was published for everyone to see. Brazil’s civil police issued a statement saying Bieber could face up to a year in jail for the crime. Luckily he dodged the sentence imagine if the Biebs never got out of the phase he went through! We would never have got some of the hits he has graced us with today.

It’s good the money went to a hospital in need however that $6,000 could have bought him some well needed Spanish lessons. 

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