Natl Wine Day


I missed National Wine day…so let’s celebrate today!

I am so disappointed in myself! Somehow I didn’t know National Wine Day was May 25 which means we have to celebrate extra hard today…and maybe tomorrow too! In honor of National Wine day, here are some of the very best wines of all times!

5. Winking Owl Cabernet- THIS IS AN ALDI BRAND! Somehow, this wine is under $3 but if you didn’t know that, you’d never guess.

4. Apothic Red- Classic. When I think of a dry red wine, this is what I think of.

3. Raspberry Chipotle wine from Endless Summer Winery in Hermann- It’s as weird as it sounds and it is DELICIOUS

2. Captain’s Cooler from Les Bourgois-Ok so technically this one isn’t a wine…it’s like a winetail and it is the most refreshing think you can imagine. Also I just found out they sell them in cans now! You used to have to get them onsite but now you can have them anywhere!

1. Acronym Gr8 Red wine-This one’s my favorite! It’s dry but still very drinkable and perfect for girls’ nights!

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