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9 of the Best Mannequin Challenges Yet

The Mannequin Challenge showed up over the weekend and has completely blown up!  It seems everyone is doing it, including football teams, TV shows (like the morning and late night talk shows), and plenty of High Schools. Cosmo even got in on the action.

The premise is simple: stay perfectly still while a camera moves through the scene, usually with “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmund as the soundtrack. When done right, it’s amazing, and a bit creepy too.  While we’ve seen impressive ones, we’ve also seem some major fails, especially on the High School level, where it takes one or 2 kids to blink, or be “that guy” who breaks character either too early or on purpose. #FAIL  The Today show had trouble in that department.

So here’s what we found as the best of the best, and they are simply fantastic. There’s plenty of celebrities as well as some that’ll leave your jaw dropping. Take a look.

Destiny’s Child Reunite!

The St. Louis Blues

The Blues’ mannequin challenge though…

High School Cheer Squad


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The Dallas Cowboys

Steph Curry

Trapped in the Closet

The Late Late Show

A High School Art Class

And finally…  TRUE MAGIC.  WHAT?!?!?

Who has heard of the #mannequinchallenge ? Grab some friends this week and create your own version!

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Have you done yours yet? Let’s see them. Post the link on our Facebook page.

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