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Baseball Bat Beer
Andrey Yurlov

Beer Aged and Created with Baseball Bat Wood

There’s nothing more American than enjoying a nice cold beer and Baseball. But this new brew gets Atlanta Braves fans closer to the game than ever before. How would you feel about having wood shavings in your beer? The new Atlanta Braves stadium that’s opening tomorrow, is debuting a beer made with the discarded shavings of baseball bats. Coming up this Friday Braves fans will be able to try “Chopsecutioner” beer, which is aged with wood from real baseball bats.  

The Terrapin Beer Company of Athens Georgia makes this unique brew. The brewmaster says steeping wood in casks of beer isn’t a new process, and it is done often with wood to give it unique flavors. As strange as wood shavings in your drink sounds, it’s quite normal. I mean these we put gold shavings in our drinks so why not wood?

Depending on how popular the drink gets, would you like to see this happen at Busch or Kauffman Stadium? Let us know what you think about this in the comments below.

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