Jack Harlow in between pictures of teachers who covered what's poppin
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Back to School Is “Poppin” in Georgia

Back to school this year is more difficult than ever before. Between COVID-19, capacity rules, and the whole online learning thing, there are way more challenges. And that is adding to huge stress levels for teachers, students, and parents alike. Enter Miss Evans and Miss Williams.

How cool would it be if your new teacher was not only an overnight viral star, but also an aspiring rapper? That’s how students at Monroe Comprehensive High School in Georgia might be feeling. Teachers Callie Evans and Audri Williams have each made a remix of Jack Harlow’s current smash, “What’s Poppin”, with lyrics welcoming students back, while addressing the”options” of online learning this year.

You got options, but you better pass my class no floppin’/Gone log in, every day, every morning, I’m watchin’/Yeah we virtual, and you know what’s up, so we ’bout to take it up a notch. ~Miss Evans

What’s poppin’?/ Brand new year and I’m locked in/ As far as this teachin’ go, I am unreachable/ I am No. 1 in your top 10. No COVID-19, ain’t worried ’bout a thing when it comes to me ain’t no stoppin’. ~Miss Williams

The best part is that they’ve got mad skills. Jack Harlow has even seen them, and commented his respect. But then THIS MORNING, as the teachers joined Good Morning America for an interview, Jack himself dropped in to sing their praises even more. He then gave them a shocking gift!


As Williams adds, “What better way to release all of the anxiety, doubts & fears of the school year than to dance & turn up.”  We couldn’t agree more. Great way to approach the year!

Check out the videos for both, including Miss Evans lyrics, below.

BTW, if you an drop bars with an awesome Back To School rap remix, we’d love to hear it. Email Y107@zrgmail.com





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