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New Bachelorette Clare’s Dudes Have Been Announced and…Wow.

Bachelorette Clare Crawley’s contestants have been revealed, and I have some thoughts.

Bachelor Nation Listen up!

We still have super limited info, BUT here are Clare Crawley’s bevy of men! It’s a very interesting group and I’ve been stalking all of them. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

The Whole Age Thing…

When Clare was announced as the next Bachelorette, Bachelor Nation breathed a collective sigh of relief at the thought of an older group of contestants. While it’s true to some extent, there are several guys over 30, it’s not ALL the way true. One contestant is 23…that’s 15 years younger than our bachelorette.  But then there’s also Bret who’s 42 so…

Wait a Second…That One Looks Familiar

As I was scrolling through the pics I DEFINITELY recognized one of these dudes…Matt James. I’ve seen him in all of Tyler Cameron’s Insta stories. Matt and Tyler are roommates and have the cutest bromance EVER! But then I dug some more. There is another guy, Matt G, who is from Jupiter, Florida. Yep, same town as TC. Last but not least, JP is a friend of Tyler’s, who he played football with in college. Conspiracy?

Of Course We Have Two Blakes 

It’s fairly standard to have two people with the same name every season. This time they’re both Blakes. Blake Moynes looks like a fine Josh Peck. However, we know NOTHING about him other than he’s 29 and from Canada. Blake Monar has full sleeve tattoos and, although we don’t know his job, I’m placing my bets on rockstar or electrician…just a hunch.

So Who Will Win?

I have my favorite picked out but who do you love?


BTW: As I published this, the season has just announced they are postponing production. I guess we’ll just have to wait a bit longer. 

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