Kristin Monica

My LEGO Universe Video

Pick a Brick wall at LEGO Store to choose the bricks and elements you want in all different shapes a

A fan of Coldplay and BTS’s song “My Universe” has recreated the entire video with LEGOS, and even Coldplay is impressed! They retweeted the video with the caption “This blows my mind!” Here’s the Lego video: And here’s the original if you want to compare them: What do you think?

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Three Things You Should Know This Afternoon

Social distancing from social media can improve your mood. message board

HEY, it’s Kristin from your afternoon show, and I thought, I pull a lot of pop culture together every day anyway, so why not share it so you can find the top stories all in one place! Here are today’s Three Things: The Jonas Brothers Are Starring in Netflix’s First-Ever …

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Does This Lemon Coffee TikTok Trend Work?

Espresso coffee mug with lemon peel on black background

So according to numerous TikToks, they’re claiming they’re going to give you the SECRET to a flat tummy. Sounds sus, right? Anyone that tells you they’re about to give you the “secret” to anything, run the other direction. The trend is 1 tsp of instant coffee, 1T of Lemon juice, …

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PARTY at CSL Plasma on Grindstone

confetti party

No, seriously! CSL Plasma on Grindstone (across from Walmart) is turning 1, and there’s a whole party celebration going on. Please accept this as YOUR invitation! Plus, this is the BEST party EVER, because I guarantee you will not walk out of any other party with up to $1,000! First …

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Winnie the Pooh’s Tree House is an AirBnB


Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods, where Christopher Robin plays, you’ll find a charming little tree house that looks just like the one Pooh lived in in the story books! This super cute little house has one queen size bed and two twin loft beds, so as tiny as it …

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Florida Man Traps Alligator in a Trash Bin

Large menacing American alligator Alligator mississippiensis in the wetland and marsh at the Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, Florida, USA

Add this video to the list of reasons why COMO should have trash BINS instead of BAGS… not that we have alligators around here, but you never know what you might need to trap! This guy in Florida, Abdul Gene Malik, is an Army vet, and decided to use his …

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Hawkeye Gets His Own Show

Disney Plus on smartphone screen with the Avengers in the background.

The Trailer for the NEXT Disney+ Marvel show just dropped this morning, and it’s for Hawkeye! Jeremy Renner is back and this is the first time he gets a solo SOMETHING since he first showed up in Thor back in 2011! It picks up when he hears a news report …

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Disney Parks Introducing Genie

Orlando, Florida, USA - July 29, 2016: Entrance of Walt Disney World near Orlando

If you’ve ever gone to Disney World or Disney Land, one thing you know for certain is that you’re going to wait in lines a LOT. Disney has worked over the years to improve this process, including adding the Fast Pass! But now they’re revamping the WHOLE THING! They’re doing …

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Wally the Walrus Drives a Boat

The walrus shows its tongue. Walrus show.

No, it’s not a children’s book! Wally the walrus has been kind of a menace to society, making stories everywhere he goes. Honestly, it COULD be a children’s book! In tracking Wally’s movements, it appears he’s doing a solo trip (walruses usually travel in herds). He’s gone 2,500 miles in …

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Ludacris Loves Peanut Butter

Rapper & Actor Ludacris performs at the Atlanta Celebrates the 3rd annual THE TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP on Sept. 18th, 2017 at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta Georgia - USA

Ludacris is back… for a peanut butter commercial. The video’s director, Dave Meyers, said “An older rapper might find themselves challenged to update their flow like newer rappers and who better than lyricist Ludacris to explore that.” If by “flow” we’re talking about mumble rap, I think that’s what’s being “explored” …

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A New Girl Scout Cookie!

Smiling Girl Scout shows off newest brownie-inspired cookie

We’re about half a year away from Girl Scout Cookie season, but in case you need a reason to count down the days on your calendar, Girl Scouts of America is announcing a brand new cookie and it’s… 🤤🤤   Here’s the press release: New Adventurefuls™ Girl Scout Cookie Joins …

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How To Please A Woman

Digital composite of Mansplaining Superhero kids with cloudy sky wall and chat bubbles

*Fair Warning- This blog contains TikToks with some NSFW language text* Number 1. Don’t Mansplain things. A guy on TikTok with the username lord_dermott thinks he knows how to please a woman, according to his TikTok video: @lord_dermottIt’s the truth #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – _ritikaaaa I mean, do you …

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