Kristin Monica

Here’s Your Excuse to Buy Beer

Cold Beer glass

If you need an excuse to buy beer, Budweiser is giving you a MILLION reasons! Basically you buy specially marked Budweiser packs. If you get the golden can, you take a picture with it and upload it to social media with the hashtags #LiveLikeAKing and #Sweepstakes and tag @BudweiserUSA and …

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Girl Scout of the Week

GOOD NEWS! It’s Cookie season again, and Y107 wants to highlight the AWESOME Girl Scouts putting in the hard work during Girl Scout cookie season! Girls learn valuable skills that they can carry with them throughout their life, and the funds raised help the Girl Scouts continue! Find more information …

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Kristin in the Afternoon’s Test Drive

Y107 Test Drive with Kristin in the Afternoon

On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5 o’clock, Kristin will Test Drive a new song, and YOU have the ability to tell us whether you love it and think it should be played on the station, or if you hate it and don’t want to hear it! *Disclaimer: YouTube doesn’t always …

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NASA “Touches” The Sun

The Sun

From a unit in my Sixth Grade science class, the universe has always fascinated me. Not enough to be good at science and pursue it as a career, but each time I see a cool new discovery come across my internet search of the day, I always click on it! …

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The Third Fantastic Beasts Trailer and Date Announced

Highlands in autumn. Harry Potter train hogwarts express bridge in Scotland

Alright wizards, it’s time to don your robes and dust off your wands, because it’s time to revisit the Wizarding World once again! The third Fantastic Beasts movie has had some turmoil, what with… ya know, COVID, and Johnny Depp getting fired as Grindelwald, not to mention JK Rowling herself …

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When to Ship Christmas Presents

Box on conveyor roller. 3D Rendering

While Thanksgiving was JUST last week, and the Christmas season seemingly JUST started, it’s getting close to your deadline for sending gifts in the mail! I know, that seems pretty crazy, right? Here are all the deadline times for sending gifts to your siblings/parents/nieces/nephews/anyone who lives far enough away that …

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Get PAID to Watch Christmas Movies!

Weekend homely scene. Warm knit sweater and cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows. Christmas lollipop, led lights string and other holiday decor. Tablet pc with film, watching winter movies.

If you are the person who loves EVERY cheesy Christmas movie that ever was, has a job for you! If you could EASILY watch 25 Christmas movies of your choosing in 25 days and offer your review, you could earn $2,500 in compensation, AND a year subscription to Netflix, …

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Get a Video Call From Your Dog

Funny dog working from home remotely while conducting a web video conference call with pet friends

You soon could get a video call from your dog at home! There’s TONS of pet tech out there, but it’s focused on the HUMAN monitoring the dog. Dr Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas wanted her 10-year-old Labrador Retriever, Zack, to be able to call HER if he was lonely, so she started …

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Spider Man: No Way Home Trailer Released

Spiderman Marvel comics in Madame Tussauds Wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

My fiance and I were watching travel videos on YouTube last night… as ya do on a Tuesday night… when YouTube suggested the new Spider Man: No Way Home trailer. “I thought this wasn’t dropping until TOMORROW!” He exclaimed! We watched it. Then he watched it over and over again …

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A Veterans Day Surprise

Army marching in New York.

SO many people here in MidMo work for Veterans United, so a big shout out to all of you in today’s Good News. Today is Veterans Day, and in celebration, Veterans United Home Loans decided to pay off the loans of ten completely unsuspecting Veterans,  in a national campaign to …

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What Makes Your Relationship Strong

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively attend 'The Captive' premiere during the 67th Cannes Film Festival on May 16, 2014 in Cannes, France

Ryan Reynolds discussed his marriage to Blake Lively and shared what works for them. “We don’t take each other too seriously, but we’re also friends. Falling in love is great but do you like each other? We grow together. We learn from each other. So yeah, I’m lucky to have …

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A NEW Mariah Carey Christmas Song

Mariah Carey at the 2018 American Music Awards at the Microsoft Theatre LA Live.

Sick of “All I Want For Christmas is You” before the holiday season has officially started? Well don’t worry, there’s a NEW Mariah Carey Christmas song that will be gracing all the holiday playlists this year! She partnered with Khalid and Kirk Franklin for you to “Fall in Love at …

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Tiger King Returns with a Season 2 Trailer


Scrolling through Twitter this morning, a video crossed my screen that made me go “oh no.” Tiger King was QUITE the phenomenon. would it have been such an instant cult classic if it hadn’t dropped RIGHT as the entire world went on lockdown? If you were under a rock and …

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My LEGO Universe Video

Pick a Brick wall at LEGO Store to choose the bricks and elements you want in all different shapes a

A fan of Coldplay and BTS’s song “My Universe” has recreated the entire video with LEGOS, and even Coldplay is impressed! They retweeted the video with the caption “This blows my mind!” Here’s the Lego video: And here’s the original if you want to compare them: What do you think?

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Three Things You Should Know This Afternoon

Social distancing from social media can improve your mood. message board

HEY, it’s Kristin from your afternoon show, and I thought, I pull a lot of pop culture together every day anyway, so why not share it so you can find the top stories all in one place! Here are today’s Three Things: The Jonas Brothers Are Starring in Netflix’s First-Ever …

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Does This Lemon Coffee TikTok Trend Work?

Espresso coffee mug with lemon peel on black background

So according to numerous TikToks, they’re claiming they’re going to give you the SECRET to a flat tummy. Sounds sus, right? Anyone that tells you they’re about to give you the “secret” to anything, run the other direction. The trend is 1 tsp of instant coffee, 1T of Lemon juice, …

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PARTY at CSL Plasma on Grindstone

confetti party

No, seriously! CSL Plasma on Grindstone (across from Walmart) is turning 1, and there’s a whole party celebration going on. Please accept this as YOUR invitation! Plus, this is the BEST party EVER, because I guarantee you will not walk out of any other party with up to $1,000! First …

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