Kristin Monica

Hawkeye Gets His Own Show

Disney Plus on smartphone screen with the Avengers in the background.

The Trailer for the NEXT Disney+ Marvel show just dropped this morning, and it’s for Hawkeye! Jeremy Renner is back and this is the first time he gets a solo SOMETHING since he first showed up in Thor back in 2011! It picks up when he hears a news report …

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Disney Parks Introducing Genie

Orlando, Florida, USA - July 29, 2016: Entrance of Walt Disney World near Orlando

If you’ve ever gone to Disney World or Disney Land, one thing you know for certain is that you’re going to wait in lines a LOT. Disney has worked over the years to improve this process, including adding the Fast Pass! But now they’re revamping the WHOLE THING! They’re doing …

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Wally the Walrus Drives a Boat

The walrus shows its tongue. Walrus show.

No, it’s not a children’s book! Wally the walrus has been kind of a menace to society, making stories everywhere he goes. Honestly, it COULD be a children’s book! In tracking Wally’s movements, it appears he’s doing a solo trip (walruses usually travel in herds). He’s gone 2,500 miles in …

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Ludacris Loves Peanut Butter

Rapper & Actor Ludacris performs at the Atlanta Celebrates the 3rd annual THE TOUR CHAMPIONSHIP on Sept. 18th, 2017 at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta Georgia - USA

Ludacris is back… for a peanut butter commercial. The video’s director, Dave Meyers, said “An older rapper might find themselves challenged to update their flow like newer rappers and who better than lyricist Ludacris to explore that.” If by “flow” we’re talking about mumble rap, I think that’s what’s being “explored” …

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A New Girl Scout Cookie!

Smiling Girl Scout shows off newest brownie-inspired cookie

We’re about half a year away from Girl Scout Cookie season, but in case you need a reason to count down the days on your calendar, Girl Scouts of America is announcing a brand new cookie and it’s… 🤤🤤   Here’s the press release: New Adventurefuls™ Girl Scout Cookie Joins …

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How To Please A Woman

Digital composite of Mansplaining Superhero kids with cloudy sky wall and chat bubbles

*Fair Warning- This blog contains TikToks with some NSFW language text* Number 1. Don’t Mansplain things. A guy on TikTok with the username lord_dermott thinks he knows how to please a woman, according to his TikTok video: @lord_dermottIt’s the truth #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – _ritikaaaa I mean, do you …

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Netflix Announces Biggest Casting Call Ever

TV Television feet up watching Netflix on tv

During the pandemic, you likely branched out and discovered shows you never thought you would on Netflix. For me, I laughed until I cried at Nailed It, became OBSESSED with The Home Edit (literally, I bought all three of their books and I’ve completely organized my closet so far!), and …

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“The Boys” Season 3 Drops a Newscast

TV Television amazon prime original streaming service

Instead of a traditional teaser, Amazon Prime‘s “The Boys” just dropped a Vaught News Network video showcasing upcoming storylines in the form of news stories! You hear about Supersonic (formerly known as Drummer Boy) and his potential past with Starlight. You hear about The Deep publicly turning on The Church …

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Taylor Swift Posted a New Teaser Video

Taylor Swift performs and turns on the Christmas Lights at Westfield Shepherd's Bush, London. 06/11/2012

Taylor Swift posted a new teaser video for her upcoming Red (Taylor’s Version) album, and fans are spending the day figuring it out… *presses post* *cackles maniacally* Level: casually cruel in the name of being honest — Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 5, 2021 The video shows a red vault …

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Stay For FREE To Photograph The Northern Lights

Multicolored northern lights (Aurora borealis) on Canadian forest

One hotel in Iceland is looking for professional photographers who love to capture the beauty of the world. One will be chosen to stay for three weeks at Hotel Rangá where they have an amazing view of the Arora Borealis, with retractable roofs and telescopes that’ll make any stargazer swoon! …

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How Creative Are You?

Left right human brain concept. Creative part and logic part with social and business doodle

A simple test created by a research team at Harvard can give your creativity a score, and removes the human bias usually associated with such tests. The premise is simple: You can think of two words that have nothing to do with each other… can you think of three? four? …

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