Ed impressed Lila with his date idea and she had a great time. Once we got them both on the phone we realized that Ed didn’t tell us the whole story. What set off the fireworks?

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Dog Or Cow?

My brother’s dog Teddy Bear is a little confused! He is NOT a cow but he sure sounds like one.

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Rocker Tom Petty Passes At Age 66

Tom Petty

UPDATE: Around 10:40p CST, Tom Petty did pass away. His death was confirmed this time by his longtime manager and friend.   UPDATE:  There are now varying reports that the initial statement that the singer had passed was misinformation. The singer may still be alive on life support. Today has been already been a tough day. Earlier today, it was …

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HOOK UP OR HANG UP//Doug & Alicia

They went out for margaritas but when Doug dropped his phone she saw what his wallpaper was…and THAT is why she blew off his follow-up calls. What did he have on that phone screen?

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