Teen try's to impress girl

Australian Teen Makes First Impression Unforgettable

We all go to some great lengths to truly Impress someone we like. My question for you is would you bleed in order to woo that person? Eighteen-year-old Lee DePaauw from Queensland, Australia did just that. Trying to prove a point and impress a girl DePaauw wanted to show that backpacks were more likely to get eaten by a crocodile than people.

This theory, of course, backfired as the Gator bit down on his arm and drug him 20 feet! Sophie Paterson, the girl DePaauw was trying to impress watched in horror as it happened. DePaauw finally punched the Gator in the eyes and was set free. The teen is still in the hospital receiving treatment for broken bones and several gauges.

Paterson did agree to go on a movie date once he is released from the hospital. Talk about a dumb idea going right, this is one lucky kid! If you only take one lesson from this post, please don’t mess with crocodiles!


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