Ariana Grande is making people feel poor and they LOVE it!

Ariana Grande just dropped a new song called 7 Rings. The idea for the title comes from a night when she was drunk and bought six of her best friends engagement rings. The song has multiple lyrics bragging about how much money she has. 

One of her lyrics says, “I bought a crib just for the closet”. Another says, “I got my receipts, be lookin’ like phone numbers”. Oh…don’t worry she even ADMITS to bragging with another lyric, “I don’t mean to brag, but I be like, “Put it in the bag”.

Umm…. I can’t be the ONLY person who hates the fact that she is bragging! Congrats on being able to buy everything you want in life while some of us have less than $20 in our bank accounts. But her fans seem to have no problem that she’s bragging.  Her fans are obsessed with knowing that she’s calling them out for being poor. WHAT?!


Do you feel broke after listening to this song? 

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  1. why do you want my name HuH?

    Why did she have ruin my favorite Christmas song by telling us we are poor…..?


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