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Ariana Grande Pays Tribute To Aretha Franklin [VIDEO]

There’s is no denying Aretha Franklin was a LEGEND! A vocal powerhouse, she was deservingly dubbed the “Queen of Soul” as was an inspiration to many singer, including Ariana Grande.

On the eve of Ari’s new album “Sweetner” dropping, Ariana was in the midst of making the talk show rounds this week, when the news came in that Aretha Franklin passed away.  In fact, she found out just hours before her appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. While most of her focus was to be on promoting the new album, she just couldn’t let the night go without taking the moment to honor one of her biggest heroes.

At first reluctant for emotional reasons, Ari eventually decided to go through with the performance, and the moment was so touching, you knew Aretha would have been overjoyed.

During her interview on the show, Grande did share that she met Franklin a couple times, adding they sang together at the White House, describing Franklin as “so sweet, …so cute and I was like, ‘How are you a real person?” She said it was an honor to meet her. 
She also shared how Aretha wanted Ari to hear music from one of her relatives. So like a normal 20-something, Ari told Franklin to “Just text me the MP3 or something.” Franklin’s response was perfect.
According to Ari, Aretha told the songstress, “Well, I don’t know how to do that so I’m just gonna send it to you.” So four months later, a package arrived for Ari with a CD enclosed. Classic.


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