No ‘Thank U, Next’, but Ariana DOCUMENTARY Drops Tomorrow!

I’ve been patiently waiting by my phone to get a notification that Ariana ‘s ‘Thank U, Next‘  video has dropped. We know it will have references to movies like Mean Girls, Bring it On, Legally Blonde and more, which are all of my favorite movies! This girl is dragging it on, and making me slowly die inside. Yes, I am being dramatic, but this is going to be GOOD! 

We might have to wait even longer for the music video because TOMORROW Ariana is expected to release a documentary called, Dangerous Diaries. The documentary takes you behind the scenes of her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour. If you remember, this was the tour that had the tragic Manchester bombing that killed 22 people. Not sure yet if the documentary will show or feature it. We’re also not sure if it’ll be free to watch, or if we will have to pay to see it. If it does cost money to watch, you can bet I will give them all my money. 


Are you more excited to see the documentary or the ‘Thank U, Next’ video? 



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