Happy Thanksgiving Day
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Are Your Leftovers Safe???

Eat or Freeze…otherwise you could get yourself or your family sick!

It’s Cyber Monday and while yes, that means some cool online deals…It also means you might want to eat or freeze those leftovers TODAY or risk getting ill.

Health officials recommend eating or freezing that turkey 3-4 days after you served it up! Turkey also starts to loose a lot of its juiciness and flavor after 4 days so gobble down on a couple left over turkey sandwiches today or make sure you’ve got the meat saved in your freezer.

If you’re not exactly sure what to do with you left overs? Find some tips and ideas to keep your family safe here


Potatoes mashed or not or yams, sweet potatoes should be eaten or frozen after 4 days.

Stuffing? 4 day rule apply here as well or freeze up your Stovetop and you’ll have up to 3 months to reheat and eat.

Cranberry sauce, you’ve got a little longer as long as you’ve properly refrigerated it after your initial feast you;ve got 10 days (but really? who is eating cranberry sauce??)

When it comes time to feast on your leftovers, make sure that you reheat them correctly.

“Always test reheated leftovers in several places with a meat thermometer to be sure they reach 165 degrees Fahrenheit throughout. When reheating foods in the microwave, cover and rotate or stir foods once or twice during cooking,” the USDA advises.

If you’re reheating in the oven, the oven should be set to 325 degrees or higher.  Slow cookers and chafing dishes should not be used to reheat previously cooked dishes because they could keep food at an unsafe temperature for too long, though they can be used to keep already-reheated food warm during serving.


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