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Baby giraffe Taj under mother April
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April’s Baby Giraffe Gets A Non-Corporate Name

For weeks we watched April’s cam, waiting for the baby giraffe.  And then the Toys R Us logo popped up as a sponsor. Genius, and unsurprising. Fast forward to when April finally had her baby, and the logo instantly changed. Again, genius. And then the baby names came in, and the top picks included Geoffrey. Wait a minute. And then the name was revealed.

I was worried, like losing sleep worried, that corporate America was literally buying this baby name. Groan…  so many cute names to choose from, and THIS might win?  Our Mid-Mo name, Kayin, was FANTASTIC!!!  “Long awaited child”… the PERFECT name. But, it didn’t even make the list. sigh.

All was made right in the world though this morning as Geoffrey was NOT the chosen name. Phew! The chosen name: Tajiri, or Taj for short, which is Swahili for “hope”.  If you’re thinking you don’t remember seeing this on the list of top names when you voted, you’re right. One of the options was “Alyssa’s choice,” with Alyssa being one of April’s caretakers. And that option was the top vote getter.  Alyssa got to pick the name.  Nice pick.  

The owner of the park, Jordan Patch, further went on to explain “they picked that name because they hope that we can continue forward this message of conservation and for sustainability and preservation of giraffes in the wild, and also our efforts in captivity,” Patch explained. “The name also stands for ‘confidence,’ which our calf is very, very confident.” 

Being that all the proceeds from the name submission and voting process went towards giraffe conservation, and that’s also part of the mission of the park, we get it, and congratulate them on a well-chosen name. We still like Kayin better, but we’re partial.

Tajiri the baby GiraffeTajiri is Swahili for HOPE, confidence, king. We will call him "Taj"

Posted by Animal Adventure Park on Monday, May 1, 2017


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