Y107 is Celebrating April FUELS Day!

It’s no joke… we’re all feeling the pain at the gas pump.  So instead of playing jokes or pranks on April 1st, we’re just going to give away gas money!  Sounds good, right?

So how do you win?

It’s simple.  Listen all day Friday from 6a-7p.  Each hour, you’ll hear the call out for you to call in and be the 7th caller. The numbers are 800-500-Y107 or 441-Y107. You can call either one.

The 7th caller will receive $50 to fill up your gas tank. Yes, for many of you, it might not quite be a full tank.  But it hopefully will get you MOST of the way!

Friday will indeed be a “GAS”!  (Had to do one joke…)

Celebrate April FUELS Day with your #1 FREE Money Station… Y107!

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