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Apples Big Unveil: Everything We Learned About the New iPhones and More

Today was a big day for Apple fans. A big event held earlier today unveiled a ton of info about the new product line-up. It was expected they’d reveal updates to just about every product line. Unfortunately, that’s NOT what happened. There was some exciting updates on the Apple Watch and iPhone however. Here’s what we’ve learned.

Apple Watch Series 4

  • 2 new versions that look exactly like what was leaked: 30% larger edge-to-edge display, meaning the watch isn’t much bigger although the screen is. It’ll also be thinner.
  • The face will give more information with improved “widgets” and backgrounds.
  • Unsurprisingly, the chip inside is upgraded, making the watch “up to 2x faster”.
  • The speaker will be 50% louder
  • The watch can also detect a fall, giving you an immediate option to call emergency services.
  • Improved heart rate monitoring.
  • Battery life will be improved to allow the watch to last all day.
  • 3 aluminum finishes, 3 stainless steel finishes, and older bands will be compatible.
  • $499 for cellular version and $399 for GPS version. Price drops to $279 for old model.
  • Pre-orders start Friday with shipping starting the following week.
  • Also, as presented, the main goals of Apple Watch are “Connectivity, Fitness, and Health.” Surprisingly absent: timekeeping?!?!

New iPhones

  • 3 new iPhones: iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.
  • iPhone XS (pronounced “tennis”) has a more durable glass covering, and has improved waterproofing. Also a 60% greater dynamic range and 30 min more battery life over iPhone X. 
  • iPhone XS Max will be the a bit longer than the iPhone 8plus, with an industry leading incredible 6.5in display, and 90 min battery increase over iPhone X, as it’s the largest battery ever!
  • Both come in gold, silver, or space grey, with up to 512GB storage and faster processor, launching apps 30% faster.
  • Camera size about the same (12MP wide angle and 12MP telephoto), but better performance in low light with improved flash. Selfie cam about the same, although also better performance in low light, including video, which will record in stereo. Hello improved concert footage!
  • New smart HDR system with camera and ability to edit depth of field in post production. Also better portrait mode.
  • The 64GB XS will sell for $999, 64GB XS Max for $1,099.
  • Preorders start Friday, with the phones shipping out September 21st.
  • iPhone XR will be the “budget phone”. Aluminum and glass with edge to edge screen, placing it between the iPhone 8 and iPhone X with 6.1in LCD screen. No 3D touch, same processor as the XS’s, same front camera, only wide angle 12MP on back. Battery will last 90 min longer than iPhone 8plus.
  • 64GB XR will sell for $749, available to order on Oct 19, and shipping Oct 26. 
  • iPhone 7 price drops to $449 with iPhone 8 down to $599.

Other Updates

  • HomePod confirmed to finally provide stereo sound.

So, no info on new iPads, Airpods, or Macs as rumored, which is very disappointing. Also, there was no update on the long anticipated Airpower wireless charger, which was announced a year ago. So, still delayed then? What’s up with that Apple?  Maybe we’ll learn more in the official press release yet to come.

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