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And “Troll of the Century” goes to…

“Artist is a big word”

Art is weird…and really subjective…and always changing. But I don’t really think we can really call this “art.”

A Danish “artist” is the ultimate troll! He was commissioned to create two HUGE pieces for a museum and was paid $84000 for his work.


Try to picture an $84000 piece of art.

I guarantee you’re wrong. He turned in two blank canvases. Blank. And he titled them: Take the Money and Run.

Was it a jerk move? Yes.

Was it also genius? Kind of

According to the artist, this piece wasn’t a gag. It was a statement. “The artwork is essentially about the working conditions of artists. It is a statement saying that we also have the responsibility of questioning the structures that we are part of. And if these structures are completely unreasonable, we must break with them.”

Sure, sure.

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