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American Idol Coming Back. Here’s What We Know!

After this weekend’s Friends prank, it seemed like maybe we were being played again. But this time it’s true. American Idol is coming back to TV. Here’s what we know so far:

  • Not a whole lot has been confirmed, other than Idol will NOT be on Fox this time around. Freemantle Media has come to terms with ABC, after previously courting with both NBC and Fox according to the rumors.

  • Even though the ratings for Idol slid in its final years, even at its worst, it still would be a big win for ABC.

  • The show will return this fall. It’s speculated to air on Sunday nights, but nothing will be determined officially until next week when ABC unveils the fall line-up. If that’s true, it would compete against Sunday night football. Good choice?
  • Ryan Seacrest is rumored to be back as well. While he’s avoiding the issue at the moment, as no contract agreement has obviously been secured, the move seems obvious, especially with his new agreement with Kelly Ripa, which ABC has the rights to.  However, Seacrest was apparently NOT part of the negotiations.

  • To further the speculation, the show is rumored to be shooting in NYC this time, which will work well with GMA cross promotion.
  • As for judges, nothing has been announced. However, there’s plenty who seem to think Kelly Clarkson will be an easy shoe-in. ABC reportedly loved the job she did on the failed Duets.

  • According to TMZ, auditions will be held at Disney World and possibly Disneyland. The biggest reason Idol was cancelled was that costs got too high. With Disney owning ABC, it makes sense to use their own property. They previously had the American Idol experience at their Hollywood Studios, so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to turn that back around. Sure it closed in 2014, but it couldn’t be THAT hard to get it up and running again.


Time will tell on separating fact from fiction. Question is…

Will You Watch?  Comment below.


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