Alexa has a new skill to help set the mood

Alexa’s New Skill Is Going to Help Set The Mood

Ever wish you could turn on the perfect music in the heat of the moment without using your hands? Amazon’s Alexa has you covered. SKYN Condoms has created a skill, called Set the Mood. The playlist has a variety of music for your next sexy occasion. The company’s goal was to capture the feeling of SKYN condoms in the form of music.

All you need to do to is add the skill, and ask Alexa to “set the mood.” However, that is not the only thing you can say. Tell Alexa “I’m feeling sexy”, or “I’m feeling intimate” to initiate the vibes for sexy time!

Also, remember to be safe out there, maybe you just ran out of some protection. Just know it’s never too far away, order some online Alexa’s got your back.    

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