Echo 3rd Generation and 4th Generation
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“Alexa, Play KTXY”

There is a new way to listen to Y107 at home or at work!

Whether you have an Amazon Echo or Google Home you can listen to Y107  in your house, your basement or your she-shed!

If you have an Amazon Echo all you need to do is say to Alexa…

“Alexa, enable Y107”

If you have Google Home, Y107 will play through your TuneIn App. Just say…

“Hey Google, Play Y107” or “Hey Google, Stream Y107”

Once you have our Y107 app powered by Maid Pro on your iPhone all you have to do is say…

“Hey Siri, Open the Y107 App”

If you haven’t already, down the app for free for iPhone and Android!

Try a new way to listen every morning with The Cosmo and Kat Show on Y107 by simply saying, “Hey Alexa, set my alarm to ________ (insert time) to Y107 Radio.”


  1. Yup, we are having tech issues unfortunately. Say “Alexa, enable Y107 skill”. Once that’s set, from that point on say “Alexa play Y107” and you should be set. Sorry for the headache.

  2. Haven’t been able to play. Any known technical issues?

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