Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

“Alexa, Play KTXY”

It’s the device everyone wants: Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Did ya know Alexa makes hanging with Y107 a lot easier too?

We’ve seen and heard that Alexa, the voice of your Amazon echo, can do a ton of pretty awesome things if you just ask. One of those things is playing your #1 Hit Music Station. 

As you may have picked up in the TV commercial, just say, “Alexa, play Y107” and you’ll be able to fire up the party at home, in the office, or where ever you have her set up!

UPDATE: Apparently, Alexa has disowned us and doesn’t recognize “Y107” anymore.  Try “Alexa, play KTXY” or “Alexa, play 106.9”.  She’ll gladly tell you she found “Y107” then she’ll start the stream.  Silly girl.

Try it today! Pretty sweet, huh?

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