Winnie the Pooh’s Tree House is an AirBnB

Deep in the Hundred Acre Woods, where Christopher Robin plays, you’ll find a charming little tree house that looks just like the one Pooh lived in in the story books!

This super cute little house has one queen size bed and two twin loft beds, so as tiny as it is, it fits a family of four! But who needs a huge sleeping quarters when you have the Hundred Acre Woods to play in! According to the listing, guests get “a guided tour of the original Hundred Acre Wood (a.k.a. Ashdown Forest), play Poohsticks on the iconic Poohsticks Bridge, and enjoy locally sourced hunny-inspired meals”

And people who have already stayed REALLY enjoyed it. Here’s one review from the AirBnB site:

The experience was truly once-in-a-lifetime. The place was incredibly beautiful and detailed, and we had a magical experience. The food provided was all outstanding and we had a wonderful night’s sleep. The AirBnB team we dealt with (James and Kallista) were friendly and helpful and Bjorn our security guard was friendly and welcoming too. We cannot overstate how amazing every aspect of the experience was.

As magical as the stay is, of course there are a few rules:

• Strictly no heffalumps inside the house
• Hands are to be kept out of the honey pots
• A snack of “a little something” encouraged at 11 o’clock in the morning
• Poohsticks is mandatory
• Multiple naps are permitted
• No pets (other than Roos, Tiggers, Eeyores, Piglets and Pooh Bears)
• No smoking, you’ll upset the bees

Unfortunately, it looks like this listing is booked for YEARS out, and the hosts have closed it down, but hopefully it’ll be back soon!

Check out the charming pictures HERE!

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