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Adele Has Released “Easy on Me”

It is here!!!! Brand new Adele!



Just last week we found out that Adele was gifting us a single called Easy On Me. Idk about you but I have spent all the time since then trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself because Adele makes us cry.

Well that timeframe to prepare has just become a little shorter!

Usually new music is released at midnight on a Thursday and we wake up to a fresh new surprise Friday morning…If we remember to look it up or happen to catch it on Y107.  Otherwise we have to go look it up once we remember.

Adele doesn’t want that for her comeback. She wants us all on our toes when this one comes out so she is RELEASING IT A LITTLE EARLIER!!!!!

Easy On Me will be out Thursday the 13th at 6 pm central time! Get the tissues ready now

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