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A Y107 in-studio wedding update

An update on our Y Wedding!

Last week we introduced you to Fred and Lisa, our in-studio wedding winners. We figured you might have wanted a quick update too! We can tell you Lisa and her family have been busy getting ready. Let’s just say they are SUPER excited! In fact, they got their marriage license like a day after they found out they were our winning couple! If you remember, when we originally reached out we started by telling them they were just finalists. (You can re-live the moment below!) Just the other day, Lisa’s sister stopped into the studio to get a feel for how to decorate, which will be done by US Rents It. Fred and Lisa also got the opportunity to work with Buchroeders and pick out their wedding bands. Lisa has also found her dress and is figuring out the plan for her hair, with help from Salon Va’Lise.  

This week, the plan was to have a “rehearsal lunch” with Lisa and her students, letting them be part of the fun. We even found a day Lisa was on lunch duty. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans, as that day became another snow day. Hopefully we can reschedule, but with the wedding so soon that may not be an option. Either way, Lisa’s students will be able to watch the Facebook video during their own private watch party!

Don’t forget you can also join us live for all this special day on Valentine Day, next Friday, as we’ll be live on air and on Facebook all morning, with the ceremony at 8a.



Meet Fred & Lisa from Jefferson City! They are going to be getting married LIVE in our studio on Valentine's Day morning!

Posted by Y107 Morning Show on Monday, January 27, 2020

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