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This Side Effect of Hurricane Ian is CREEPY

Stormy winter day at Mediterranean sea coast in Alanya, Turkey

Hurricanes are scary and can be absolutely devastating, and Ian is looking pretty scary as it’s hit Florida and is headed to Charleston, SC. But this TikTok shows one side effect you never really think about… the hurricane needs to get its water from somewhere… and apparently that makes the …

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The Most Annoying Things You Can Do on an Airplane

Empty seats. Young stewardess on the work in the passanger airplane

Travel Site The Vacationer conducted a Survey of things passengers find annoying on a plane, and some of these are absolutely incredibly annoying, but others… you’re just already in a bad mood if you find these annoying! Here’s the list! 1. Kicking the Back of Your Seat There’s nothing worse …

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Is This (Literally) Your Dream Job?

Sick man in the bed

If sleeping is your favorite thing in the world (and maybe content-creating is your second favorite thing in the world), Casper has a job for YOU! They’re looking for anyone who can sleep… pretty much anywhere! And also capture it for social media! Here’s what you’d be doing: Sleep Sleep …

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These Vows Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Bouquet and box with wedding rings in a bed strewn with rose petals

At least I hope so! The news… is grim. There’s no way around that fact. But I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to make you feel better. This video popped up on my FYP on TikTok and made me genuinely laugh out loud. And we ALLLLLL need …

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Win Tickets to AJR on May 31st

AJR is Way Less Sad and headed to the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on May 31st and Y107 has YOUR tickets with a Bang! via GIPHY Listen to Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show around 7:20 and Kristin in your afternoon around 2:45 to win! Or just skip to The Good Part …

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Kristin in the Afternoon’s Test Drive

Y107 Test Drive with Kristin in the Afternoon

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 5:15ish, Kristin will Test Drive a new song, and YOU have the ability to tell us whether you love it and think it should be played on the station, or if you hate it and don’t want to hear it! *Disclaimer: YouTube doesn’t always …

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Three Things You Should Know This Afternoon

Social distancing from social media can improve your mood. message board

HEY, it’s Kristin from your afternoon show, and I thought, I pull a lot of pop culture together every day anyway, so why not share it so you can find the top stories all in one place! Here are today’s Three Things: The Jonas Brothers Are Starring in Netflix’s First-Ever …

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Does This Lemon Coffee TikTok Trend Work?

Espresso coffee mug with lemon peel on black background

So according to numerous TikToks, they’re claiming they’re going to give you the SECRET to a flat tummy. Sounds sus, right? Anyone that tells you they’re about to give you the “secret” to anything, run the other direction. The trend is 1 tsp of instant coffee, 1T of Lemon juice, …

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How To Please A Woman

Digital composite of Mansplaining Superhero kids with cloudy sky wall and chat bubbles

*Fair Warning- This blog contains TikToks with some NSFW language text* Number 1. Don’t Mansplain things. A guy on TikTok with the username lord_dermott thinks he knows how to please a woman, according to his TikTok video: @lord_dermottIt’s the truth #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – _ritikaaaa I mean, do you …

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Cut Your Pizza BEFORE You Bake It?

Hand opening a frozen pizza

TikTok has become SO engrained in our society! From hilarious videos, to celeb pranks, to tutorials and even life hacks, you can find pretty much anything you need on TikTok (and then some!) This super short TikTok is MIND BLOWING. Basically you “cut” your pizza BEFORE you bake it, so …

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A Girl Got ROASTED By Gaston At Disney

MARCH 26: Opening of Disney Musical The Beauty and the Beast in Opera Theater. March 26, 2010 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

TikToker Steph posted a now-viral video on TikTok captioned “No one roasts like Gaston…” So… you might see where this is headed. After being dumped by her boyfriend, she asked the Disney Character “Gaston! My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday, will you go out with me?” To which, Gaston …

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Amazon Driver To The Rescue

Wolf spider on a brick wall

One woman was too scared to go out her front door because a huge wolf spider had taken up residence. Naturally, she did what anyone would do and asked Amazon to do it! User @GwennieSanchez posted a TikTok video showing that she ordered a package from Amazon, and in the …

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Hot Tip: Gorilla Glue is NOT Hairspray

bottles of Gorilla Glue

Have you been following this saga? It all started when 40 year old Tessica Brown ran out of hairspray. What do you DO when that happens? You look for something sticky that will still be able to keep your slicked back pony from frizzing out! For Tessica, that thing she …

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