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See Chelsea Cutler at the Blue Note

Up-and-coming artist Chelsea Cutler is coming to The Blue Note on November 17th! If you don’t know much about Chelsea, here’s her bio (courtesy of The Blue Note): Instantly-relatable lyrics and handcrafted lo-fi soundscapes have established Chelsea Cutler as a quiet, yet disruptive, force for popular music. Since 2017 the singer, songwriter …

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Man Plays Banjo for His Foxy Audience

Fox in the Road

Filed in the “Music is nature” category, Andy Thorn loves music and plays the banjo. He lives in gorgeous Bolder, CO, and recently decided to take his music outside during the sunset. He attracted an audience, but not who you’d think. A fox came trotting up at the sound of …

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Netflix Announces Biggest Casting Call Ever

TV Television feet up watching Netflix on tv

During the pandemic, you likely branched out and discovered shows you never thought you would on Netflix. For me, I laughed until I cried at Nailed It, became OBSESSED with The Home Edit (literally, I bought all three of their books and I’ve completely organized my closet so far!), and …

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Ed Sheeran’s In The Hot Seat

British singer Ed Sheeran during his performance in Prague, Czech republic, February 12, 2015.

If you ever wanted to watch celebrities answer insightful questions while eating hot wings of increasing heat levels, this is the show for you! Ed Sheeran was in the hot seat and it got pretty funny! You learn a lot about Ed during the video, like the fact that “Bad …

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Marvel Just Dropped a Trailer For “What If…?”

Tapestry with the marvel superhero comics - Captain America Iron Man Thor X men

Hi, it’s Kristin, your resident Marvel fan (who also has a comic book-nerd fiancé to explain the things I don’t know outside of the MCU). Pre-Pandemic, Marvel released they were dropping FOUR shows on Disney +, and then plans changed because… well… thanks, Covid. But they FINALLY were able to …

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Marvel Drops More Clips, Because… Why Not?

Wax figure of Loki fictional character from American comic books in Madame Tussauds Wax museum in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hey, it’s your resident nerd, Kristin, here again, with more Marvel news. I promise I’m not TRYING to talk about Marvel this much, they just keep dropping stuff and it’s hyping everyone! Now that we seem to be moving past the pandemic state of things, with more people vaccinated, movies …

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Free Crocs to Healthcare Workers This Week

health, medicine and pandemic concept - close up of african american female doctor or scientist in protective mask over medical workers at hospital on background

Crocs are basically the official shoe of healthcare workers everywhere. Despite their less-than-fashionable appearance, they are a pretty comfy shoe, which is exactly what nurses and doctors need when they’re running around multiple floors on 12+ hour shifts without taking a moment to sit! Sidebar: Did you know this week …

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8 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mother's Day lettering on a white. Bright illustration with red flowers and shadow. Paper flowers for the holiday.

Mother’s Day is SUNDAY!! Before you grab that paper bag to breathe in to in an all out panic, check out this list for some great ideas of what you can get for your mom that she’ll definitely appreciate! 1. Professional Pictures via GIPHY How many times has your mom …

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This Doggo Can do MATH!!

Rear view of a thoughtful woman who tries to solve math problems. Math calculations on black chalk board.

This dog is literally SUPER smart! Akira is a six-year-old Shiba Inu that his dog mom, Monica, wanted to keep stimulated during the pandemic lockdown when walks and play wasn’t enough, so she started teaching him words on flash cards! Like, my doggo, Tiani, has a button board (inspired by …

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What Are Your Job/Company Red Flags?

Red flags fluttering in the wind.

Now that we’re starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel called Covid-19, places are starting to fully open back up, and more jobs are available than ever! If you’ve found yourself out of work, laid off, or furloughed during the pandemic, this prospect seems exciting. BUT …

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Girl Scout of the Day: Kelsey Copy

Girl Scout of the Day: Kelsey

Selling Girl Scout Cookies is a hard task anyway, but throwing a pandemic on top of it makes it even more difficult! Y107 wants to help! We’re showcasing a Girl Scout every weekday and giving you their link to help them reach their goal! You can still submit a Girl Scout …

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When Can You Get Your Covid-19 Vaccine?

Doctor holding a dose of the covid 19 pfizer vaccine

The Covid-19 pandemic has been raging on for the better part of a year, now, thoroughly disrupting our lives and changing them profoundly. The first Stay-At-Home order was issued by Governor Mike Parson on April 6, 2020, and that’s when the severity of this pandemic really set in for the …

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Turn Your Super Bowl Snacks into Dinner This Week

Skillet of Buffalo Chicken Dip with Two Celery Sticks

With the pandemic raging on… you probably had a much smaller Super Bowl party this year, but chances are you had food enough for 3x your party size! Leftovers are great, but get really tiring, really quickly. So how can you turn your appetizers into something else? I’ve pulled together …

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Is Chocolate Sinful or Good For You?

variety of chocolate candies

I’ve seen such mixed messages on chocolate: it’s sinfully delicious, it’s labeled as “death by chocolate” and “Devils Food Cake, but then it’s good for you? I mean, it makes ME happy, so that’s good, right? The website Eat This Not That broke down the seven things that happen to …

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Even in a Pandemic, Mid-Mo Made Miracles Happen!

Once again, YOU helped to make “miracles” happen for MU’s Health Care’s Children’s Hospital during the Y107/Missouri Credit Union Miracles For Kids Radiothon! On March 18th and 19th, 2020, Y107 held our 15th annual Missouri Credit Union Miracles for Kids Radiothon. Things were a little different. For starters, we were …

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Mon-Fri: 2:00pm – 7:00pm Sat: 3:00p-7:00p My radio career was… accidental. Even though I’m a second generation radio personality (it was my dad’s career, too), I had never even thought about it as a potential career. It wasn’t until I was being interviewed on the morning show of my favorite …

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