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Cinnamon Shrimp Tail Crunch? EW!

Shoppers hand holding a package of General MIlls Cinnamon Toast Crunch brand Wheat and rice cereal in a supermarket aisle

Have you heard this saga? Writer/Producer Jensen Karp (who is the husband of Boy Meets World star, Danielle Fishel) posted a couple pictures on Twitter of what clearly looks like shrimp tails that have gone through the Cinnamon dusting process. Ummmm @CTCSquares – why are there shrimp tails in my …

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Hot Tip: Gorilla Glue is NOT Hairspray

bottles of Gorilla Glue

Have you been following this saga? It all started when 40 year old Tessica Brown ran out of hairspray. What do you DO when that happens? You look for something sticky that will still be able to keep your slicked back pony from frizzing out! For Tessica, that thing she …

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