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Baby Clydesdale in Boonville [VIDEO]

Mother Clydesdale horse with baby foal in a field

Nothing says springtime like baby animals. Warm Springs Ranch in Boonville has just announced a baby. A baby CLYDESDALE!  According to Fox4KC, baby Carly was born earlier this month. Want to meet her yourself?  You can, as Warm Springs opens for tours again starting March 23rd.  Until then, enjoy this video of baby Carly!

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2014 Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Released

Anheuser-Busch has always captivated with their Super Bowl commercials.  From the frogs and lizards to “WAZZZUUUUUPPP!!!”, The King never fails to deliver on Super Sunday.  But this year, they’ve taken the level of cuteness to the next level.  They’ve released this year’s ad already, and shows how a golden retriever and a Budweiser Clydesdale become best friends!  Grab a tissue, …

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