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Amazon Go

In this day in age we are making everything smart, we have smart phones, watches, houses, why not have smart grocery stores? Well that is now a very real thing thanks to Amazon. Amazon is testing a grocery store located in downtown Seattle that lets customers walk in, grab food from the shelves and walk out again, without ever having …

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Amazon Is Releasing Unique Headphones

Amazon might be working on the first headphones that can save lives. Amazon just filed for a patent on July 19 for a noise-canceling headphone that automatically clicks off when it “hears” certain sound patterns, frequencies, even your name! The feature would allow the wearer to instantly tune back into his or her surroundings, and hopefully get out of the way of oncoming traffic. …

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The future is here.  You know, the futuristic thought of having flying drones delivering packages to your house, right after you order it online?  That idea is now reality, and could be arriving as soon as 2015. has launched a video promoting their new drones, and “Amazon Prime Air”.  But it’s not 100% ready to go quite yet.  Amazon …

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Where to get your favorite childhood snacks in Mid-Missouri

I thought most of my favorite childhood snacks were dead to the world, but apparently they are alive and HERE in Mid-Missouri!!!!! One of my favorite after-school snacks were the Scooby-Doo Fruit Snacks. My adult eyes have never seen them in grocery stores, but apparently you can get them at Gerbes!!!  If we were really good during the week, my …

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Will Victoria’s Secret’s downsizing affect Columbia?

We all know what Victoria’s Secret means….GORGEOUS women and pretty expensive underwear.  Well it looks like the company is having some problems because the chain just announced they will be closing 53 stores nationwide this year.  More women are turning their heads to the brand because they do not believe the models represent the “average woman” and the product is …

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Order Deadlines If You Want Your Christmas Gifts On Time!

Picture of a computer and shopping cart.

If you looked at my Amazon account right now you would see a cart full of Christmas gifts for my family and friends. I have been procrastinating on paying it because I know my bank account will say, OUCH! However, I should probably act fast if I want my gifts to come in time for the Holidays. Consumer Reports figured out …

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Your Favorite 90’s Show Is Now A Game!

Picture of Rugrats Monopoly.

The 90’s are back and I am so excited! My favorite show when I was a kid was Rugrats!  Even as an adult, there’s never a bad time to relive my childhood and catch an episode. But now, instead of doing that, I can just play RUGRATS MONOPOLY! Yes… Rugrats Monopoly is a thing! So how in the world did …

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Picture of a boy holding slime.

As an adult, I still get excited when someone is playing with slime. I always beg for it to be my turn. Now, I would be lying to you if I said I never thought about eating slime. I love the way it looks and smells! I always wondered what it would be like to one day eat it. Well.. today …

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Y107’s A To Z Game Is Back!

One of last year’s favorite and easiest contests is back! It’s the return of the A to Z game, where winning is as easy as knowing your ABC’s.  And we’re not just talking small prizes.  We’re talking about things you really want, like Ed Sheeran tickets, Fujifilm Instax Camera sets, Google Home, Amazon Echo Dots, Dinner at Noodles and Co, Fitbit Altas, …

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Last Minute Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17, and we can already see the panic setting in on your face. You forgot. It’s okay. Instead of getting Dad a gift card (or a hug), get him something he’ll actually enjoy. 

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Alexa Has Become Self Aware!

Alexa has developed a mind of her own!

Alexa Is Alive You read the title right Amazon’s personal assistant, Alexa has formed her own opinions that weren’t added to her programming.

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Y107’s This Or That

It’s your chance to win a Kate Spade handbag, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, Apple Airpods, Fitbit Alta, Beats headphones, New Kids on the Block/Paula Abdul/Boyz II Men tickets, $40 to Broil, a drone… or a bag filled with our breath. Oh, you might also win… $1000!!!

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