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Kristin in the Afternoon’s Test Drive

Y107 Test Drive with Kristin in the Afternoon

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 5:15ish, Kristin will Test Drive a new song, and YOU have the ability to tell us whether you love it and think it should be played on the station, or if you hate it and don’t want to hear it! *Disclaimer: YouTube doesn’t always …

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My LEGO Universe Video

Pick a Brick wall at LEGO Store to choose the bricks and elements you want in all different shapes a

A fan of Coldplay and BTS’s song “My Universe” has recreated the entire video with LEGOS, and even Coldplay is impressed! They retweeted the video with the caption “This blows my mind!” Here’s the Lego video: And here’s the original if you want to compare them: What do you think?

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