5 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety

We get it! There’s a lot going on. Focus on finding the following things.

Find a quiet place. Take a couple of really good deep breathes and find a comfy place to sit. Roll your head, neck and shoulders and now concentrate on finding these things:

5 Things you can SEE

4 Things you can HEAR

3 Things you can FEEL/TOUCH

2 Things you can SMELL

1 Thing you can TASTE

Now, give one more really deep inhale followed by a super good exhale… pick yourself up and remember that we are all in this together.

Us. You. Them. Him. Her.

All of us and if you ever need someone to talk to? We got you!!


Cosmo & Lauren had a great discussion with licensed practicing counselor Aubony Chalfant about how to cope with the anxiety, fears and other emotions caused by COVID19 concerns.. Listen Now



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