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5 Tips To Beat Summer Heat But Still Work Out

Supplement Superstores has some simple tips to stay safe and still get a great workout in the hot Mid-Mo summer.

OK so we know it is HOT! Very hot and humid and just NASTY! But don’t let the heat make it easy for you to come up with excuses for not being active and staying on track with your summer workout and weight loss goals!


TIP #1 HYDRATE: Water Water Water!  H20 is your friend so drink plots of it all throughout the day not just to quench your thirst while you are working out.


TIP #2: DO IT EARLY…OR LATE Go for you run or bike ride earlier in the morning or later in the evening. Try and avoid the extra hot sun in the middle of the day.

Psssssst time to drink some more water!

TIP #3: WEAR RIGHT CLOTHING. Look for light colored shirts and shorts. If you can find dry-fit or moisture wicking material go for it! It will be worth spending a little extra money on cooler clothes to use for your workout.  Don’t forget a hat and always remember to throw on some sunscreen too.


TIP #4: GET WET! Ditch you run for some laps or walk in the pool. Ask about using a kick board to mix things up a bit and again don’t forget your sunscreen and maybe pick up a pair of tinted goggles to help protect your eyes from the sun.


TIP #5 LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Be sure you pay attention to what your body is telling you. Don’t over due it! If you feel dizzy, unwell or nauseous stop your workout.  If you get muscle cramps, aches, a headache or even a level of confusion time to stop and rest. Do not risk getting heat stroke or worse.


Now before you get rolling for your next workout don’t forget 3 more quick things…

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