4/20 hip-hop party
4/20 hip-hop party at the Blue Note

YVIP Exclusive Prize: 4/20 Party

Congrats!  As a YVIP, you’ve unlocked the chance to win an exclusive prize. 

Y107 is proud to partner with the Blue Note for another EPIC dance party taking you back in time!

Join us for the 90’s vs 00’s Classic Hip-Hop Face-off.  Not only will DJ Requiem spin all your fav Hip Hop jams, he’ll also complete the set with a video wall to re-live the epic video from when MTV still played videos.

This annual party is ALWAYS one of the biggest, and we know this will be no different.  Tickets are still available for purchase.  But as a YVIP, here’s your chance to grab 4 tickets FOR FREE!

Fill out the form to register. The winner will be announced and notified Monday, April 15th.

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