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3 Year Old Left In Corn Maze

A 3 year old boy in Utah was left in a corn maze. His mother claims it was just an accident. 

Authorities were called to the Crazy Corn Maze in Jordan, Utah on Monday night after receiving a report of a boy that was left behind. Employees found the boy and no one claimed him before the maze closed. 

Child and family services were called to take care of the boy for the evening. The mother didn’t notice her son was missing until the next morning. 

When she she realized he wasn’t with her, she called the police. They informed her the boy was in protective custody. She claims they attended the maze with a large group. When the group returned home, she turned on a movie and dozed off. No charges have been filed. Do you believe her? Have you ever had this happen? – JaX


  1. Nope! How do you forget he’s with you, forget that you got him OUT of the car seat and then forget that you were supposed to put him back IN the car seat? Didn’t it seem a little off… too quiet in the car? At home? No pitter patter of little toddler feet? No constant chatter about how much fun the corn maze was?


  2. My brother and his friend went to the parts store and left his son in his crib. He thought that my sister-in-law and I had all of the kids but we only had the girls. Fortunately there was only about a 5 minute window between them leaving and us getting home but it was funny because the girls were like brothers in his bed and we couldn’t believe it. He was all smiles and giggles didn’t know why we were all mad at his dad lol. It’s funny now but my sister in law was pretty pissed back then lol.

  3. He’ll no dumb *** how can u lose/forget your child seriously put her *** in jail

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