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How Much Will Your Missouri Wedding Cost?

You’ve found the love of your life, and recently got engaged. Now the gut drops, as you look at the expense of planning a wedding. What will your Missouri Wedding cost? How much should you budget saving? What’s the average cost for a dress or the venue? 

TheKnot.com just released their 2017 Real Weddings Survey, where they talked to roughly 13k couples from across the nation to learn many things. But what we REALLY need to know are costs. Here’s what we know. You might want to sit down.

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The average wedding costs…  over $33,000.  Surprising? As for the dress, the average was about $1500, where the venue was easily the most expensive coming in at just over $15,000. 

Honestly, we’re not too surprised. In fact, somehow, that’s down about $2000 from last year’s average. The venue cost alone was down about $1000. The trick though, is knowing the local averages.  In the survey, the Kansas City average was just under $23,000, down over $3000 from last year. So it should be much less in Mid-Mo when compared to a major city one would think.

A different report has the average cost of a Missouri wedding being just over $23,000, coming in at 13th least expensive. Not too bad! Even better, THIS report has the average for Kansas City just under $20,000, with St. Louis coming in close to $1000 less than that.  They even break it down to saying you should plan on spending $135-$150 per guest (based off the average 140 guests), which might help your budget even more. 

On the flipside, the National average cost has almost doubled since 1990. Bummer.

In case you were wondering, cheapest states to get married include Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Iowa, Nebraska, and Mississippi.

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