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Y107’s Pay List

Congratulations to all of our Y107 Pay List winners!

Y107 gave away thousands of dollars with the Y107 Pay List! Congratulations to Brittney Walters of Jefferson City, Ashley Deere of Kingdom City, Tracy Baita of Auxvasse, Lisa Fletcher of Holts Summit and Robert Garcia for each winning $500!



  1. I missed the 7:20 song for this morning I’ll trade songs if someone will help me out

  2. I missed todays Tuesday 3: 20 song I can trade?!?!

  3. Can someone PLEASE tell me this morning’s song? 7:20am 6/16/14

  4. I need today’s 11:20 song I have the there and I will help u if u help me

  5. Sooooo…..Boone cath lab does not play Y107!! Grrrrr. Can I get the 6/11 list????

  6. help meon June 10th 1120 song I do not have can please someone help me I can help with anything out I have everything out except for that please please please help me someone

  7. can anyone help me with yesterdays 11:20 and 3:20 song and todays 7:20 song

  8. Will someone please help me with the 7:20 song for today?

  9. I just missed the 11:20 song. I have 7:20 if anyone can help

  10. Is the contest going on next week as well?

  11. I need 7:20 this morning I will help with any others thanks,

  12. Does anyone have the 7:20 this morning? I have all the others if anyone needs one. My radio died at work and my wife was up all night sick so she was resting before our daughters preschool grad today. Thanks!

  13. What is the complete # to call? All i got is 441-Y107 but i live in Sedalia, MO so I’ll need area code?

  14. Jessica Lairmore

    Could someone help me with Tuesday’s 11:20 and Wednesday’s 7:20 pretty please??!! I can help with the other times! Thank you!

  15. How does being a Y VIP get you information on songs you may have missed for the Pay List game?

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