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Y107’s Boy Band Bracket Winner

New Kids On The Block came out on top in Y107’s Boy Band Bracket! Congratulations to our Grand Prize winner Jessica Houseman of Jefferson City for winning four tickets to see One Direction’s Where We Are Tour at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis August 27th!




  1. My favorite is Harry and If I won these me and my BFF would have a heat attack!!

  2. Vashti Hernandez

    If 1 DIRECTION tho sent win I’ll kill my self. JUST KIDDING LOVE U GUYS:-P

  3. How does the ranking work? Will everyone with the same number of points (the highest number of points) be in the running for the tickets?

  4. Can someone explain how the ranking works? We have about 50 people before us with the same number of points.

  5. Can someone explain the rankings please? We have the same points as 50 people before us. How does that work, if we all have the same points?

  6. Im having trouble getting my pick for boy band to save ?… can u help

  7. How do you vote?

  8. Hey! How do I vote? When I click on a pairing, it says “bracket submission has ended” Isn’t voting open?

  9. what do you do if you forgot your team name? where can you look it up?

  10. La Tisha Helming

    OMG my daughters are gonna flip if I can win us these tickets !!!!!!!! GO TEAM LEXUS

  11. I would take my sister and my 2 daughters to this. They are such huge fans. Truth be told, I love them as well. I think they are just adorable….every single one of them!

  12. Are we supposed to fill every bracket out by noon? How is the judging done?

  13. If I won it would be the very best day of my life! I have to win this. Goodluck Everyone!


  15. one direction is the best boy band

  16. Hi, I would like to win these tickits for my best friend. Its her birthday and I know for a fact that she isn’t getting them. This would mean the world to her

  17. Would love to win these to take my daughter…

  18. I so hope I did this right,

  19. I really want these tickets me and my best friends love them soo much and have been fans since the very beginning and it would be soo amazing to win these and go see them live!!

  20. I am trying to win tickets because my girls got tickets from my brother for christmas and because he is mad at me he took the tickets away so wrong to do that to my daughters

  21. Who’s got the right stuff?
    That’s right.
    This GUY!

  22. If I win this contest I will cry! I love One Direction! I have been waiting 3 years to try, and get tickets to see them!

  23. If i won, i would jump around, cry, scream & be the happiest girl ever! And when i told 3 of my friends they would freak out!

  24. My daughter would just freak out if I won these for her

  25. OMG if I won I could only imagine !!!!!!!!!!!! I need those

  26. I love one direction so much and so does my best friend and are bithdays are both in the summer so it would be fantastic to win theese tickets!!!:)

  27. Sadie Montgomery

    My life would be complete if I won these. I’ve been supporting these boys since 2010 and I’m not stopping now. I’m proud to say that I’m a Directioner ♡

  28. Omg I need to win these, I might actually cry either way I do it.

  29. My daughter would LOVE these tickets for her 16th birthday!!!!

  30. This would be amazing! (: ahhh I’m so excited!! Hopefully my brackets are magical!

  31. I filled out the boy band bracket. My kids dreams would come true if we won these one direction tickets. Fingers crossed xxxxx

  32. Please let us see the boys in concert because Cosmo, Whitney, and Ryan Seacrest are the best thing in the history of radio and if they are awesome they will let us see The One Direction boys in concert in St Louis. #Cosmo_and_Whitney_in_the_morning

  33. Christina porter

    This would be an amazing opportunity for my sister and i to take our ten and twelve year old girls to and be moms of the year! 🙂

  34. P lease please please my sister is a huge fan

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