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Water World

Let’s face it we are all getting more health- conscious these days, and it is starting to show. Beverage Marketing Corp. reports that bottled water consumption and sales have been increasing in recent years.

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Daylight Spendings

Daylight Saving Time has finally hit, and I know I’m not the only one feeling the effects of this, I hate losing an hour!! The point of Daylight Savings is to save money and energy.

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The Shower Orange

I have a huge sweet tooth, and nothing satisfies this craving more than some nice fresh juicy fruit.

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Vending of The Future

Vending machines have been getting more and more creative recently. If you remember back to last year Xavier University had a “Pizza ATM” machine on their campus that crafted the pizza of your desire within minutes.

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YouTube Gets Rid of It’s Most Annoying Feature

Watching YouTube videos is a little obsession of mine, and by little I mean huge! These days it seems that I spend more time on youtube then watching actual T.V. Can you blame me, I mean YouTube has everything from your favorite shows to hundreds of hours of YouTuber content that you can follow and fall in love with.

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