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YouTube Gets Rid of It’s Most Annoying Feature

Watching YouTube videos is a little obsession of mine, and by little I mean huge! These days it seems that I spend more time on youtube then watching actual T.V. Can you blame me, I mean YouTube has everything from your favorite shows to hundreds of hours of YouTuber content that you can follow and fall in love with.

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Theater Mode

Apple might be releasing one of the most pointless updates to date. They are trying to help you be less (or more) obnoxious if you’re one of those people who text while at the movies. iPhone leaker Sonny Dickinson announced that the next update will feature a new theater mode which comes with a popcorn icon in the control center. The update …

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Uber People

The next time you get into an Uber, you can now specify a person rather than just a place as your destination. The update is called Uber to Person and allows users to sync their contacts with the Uber app. After that step, instead of just typing in the address of the place you want to go just put the name of a person …

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Snapchat Lets People Save Pictures to View Later

Snapchat has come along way from when it was first released, I mean what got everyone into it at first was how the messages and pictures disappeared after viewing them. But then they introduced stories and the best filters anyone has ever seen! Seriously find one person that doesn’t know the dog filter on Snapchat that’s my challenge for you. …

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